As a self employed bookkeeper, you’re going to find that sometimes you just don’t have enough time in a day to get everything you want done. Sometimes it seems that there’s never enough time, so, to help you keep up with your workload, you may want to consider hiring a virtual assistant. By hiring a virtual assistant to help you with your daily responsibilities, they can answer emails, deal with administration tasks, as well as do any mundane tasks you don’t feel like doing yourself. By utilizing this service, you want easily get much more done with one day’s time than most other individuals.

7 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Help

If you seem to find that you can’t get every task done every day, then you may want to consider hiring a virtual assistant for bookkeepers in Melbourne;

Manage Emails

Managing your inbox can easily cause you to lose precious time within a workday. Some emails can cause you to lose sight of which emails you direly need to answer and which you should leave to complete at a later date. A virtual assistant can help sort through all of the emails and respond to the ones you want them to.

Diary Management

If you’re taking forever to make or attend appointments, juggle meetings, make events, etc., you’ll understand that maybe there are some events where you can’t be in two places at once. Let a virtual assistant help so that you aren’t left over scheduling yourself to do more than you can book in one day. They can deal with any scheduling and cancellations, and help you come up with the best way to tackle any invitations.


Everyone dreads having to create long and informational presentations. Let’s say you don’t have enough time to filter through all the information you need. Simply ask your virtual assistant to compile any data you need, or even create a PowerPoint Presentation which you can use for your presentation. It will save you both time and energy, and let you tackle more important tasks in the mean time.


It’s important to make sure your business is staying on top of the latest information available. You always want to provide your customers with the best information, but gathering it can be very time consuming. A virtual assistant can help assist you gathering information, and can even gather all the information you need to help run your business smoothly.

Social Media

Every business runs better when it has a social media account. A virtual assistant can help manage all of your social media accounts and keep them up to date with all of your latest updates and information. They can update your clients with promotions, schedule changes, and answer any questions they may have.

Administration Tasks

Administration tasks can feel overwhelming for the normal employee. Sometimes you may not want to deal with these tasks because they are mundane and don’t contribute directly to the growth of your business. If you feel like there is a need to get these tasks done, but don’t want to do it yourself, you can always ask your virtual assistant to do it instead.

Data Entry

Out of all the tasks you have to do, data entry can be one of the most time consuming and boring tasks. Who wants to sit and fill out endless spreadsheets and forms for hours? A virtual assistant can help rid you of the trouble of having to fill these sheets out, so you can focus on tasks that require your expertise.

In Conclusion

A virtual assistant can offer you the ability to become more flexible, professional, and focus your energy on more important tasks throughout the day. Don’t think that a virtual assistant is going to cost you more money than they’re worth, as they can be a vital part of a business and give you the ability to change your schedule to something you actually want to focus on. If you’re looking for a virtual assistant for your bookkeeping services, check out